Author: Robakiewicz, Elena

Congratulations to our Team Members who contributed to UConn GeoSymposium!

After needing to cancel last year’s annual GeoSymposium due to the pandemic, our team contributed greatly to this year’s virtual GeoSymposium. Along with other members of UConn’s Geosciences Graduate Group, Elena helped create and organize the poster session and awards ceremony hosted over GatherTown and the oral presentation session hosted over Zoom Webinar. In addition, she presented her work in East Africa with a poster titled “Middle-Pleistocene Revolution Climate at Paleolake Suguta, Kenya”. Jim presented his dissertation research over Zoom with his project titled “Preservation, host preference, and possible environmental limitations of late Frasnian (Late Devonian) skeletobionts in the Appalachian Foreland Basin, USA”. Congratulations to Jim and Elena for a job well done and to all other UConn Geoscience graduates and undergraduates who presented virtually this year!

Congratulations, Elena!

Congratulations to Elena Robakiewicz who has been accepted into the Potsdam 2021 summer school course “Trends, Rhythms and Events in the Earth’s Climate System – Past, Present and Future”. This online summer school will teach statistical techniques for climate data using MatLab and Python. She is one of 72 PhD students from across the globe who was accepted! We are excited to hear more about what you learn!